ShotBOT Cloud

ShotBOT Cloud is our solution to solve many different issues. If you are a professional, working regularly on set, we highly recommend you consider this option.

Here is a breakdown of what it provides:

Real time backup: Losing data from a shoot is not acceptable in any way. There are so many different ways you can lose your data if it is not backed up. A grip truck could back up over your iPad, you drop it, it gets stolen, etc. ShotBOT Cloud will backup your data in real time, as you enter it. If you are shooting in a remote location and do not have data or wifi service, ShotBOT will automatically sync the next time you get service.

Sync between multiple devices: ShotBOT Cloud allows you to sync in real time between multiple devices. If you have multiple supervisors working in different camera units, both iPads will be kept in sync. When the Mac Desktop version of ShotBOT ships, it will also support syncing, allowing you to use either platform. All syncing is bi-directional.

Future web access: In addition to the Mac Desktop version, we are also working on providing web access to your data. When ShotBOT Web is released, you will be able to email a secure, password protected URL, to a custom web site for a job. The web site allows anyone with permission to view all the meta data for the job. You can search/filter for scenes and even download all the reference images stored with the job.

All your data is encrypted on our servers. We can not even see your data! We take privacy very seriously and only you can see or sync your data.

ShotBOT Cloud is sold as a non-renewing subscription in 30 day increments and starts immediately after purchase. You can restore or extend your subscription at any time. Even after it’s expired. Your data on our servers will still be there waiting for you to return. If you extend your subscription before it expires, an additional 30 days will be added to the remainder of your subscription. You can not cancel a subscription once it has been purchased. We decided to use this subscription model so that you only buy what you need. If you only need ShotBOT Cloud for one job, no problem. Several months later you need it for another job, just extend your subscription for another 30 days. After extending the subscription, all your data will automatically sync. A single ShotBOT Cloud subscription will work for all of your devices. You do NOT need to buy a subscription for each device. ShotBOT Cloud requires creating a cloud account to identify your data. We will not use your account information for anything but identifying your data. See our privacy policy on our web site for more details.

This fee covers all the costs involved with running and maintaining multiple server clusters worldwide. We take data integrity very seriously. Your data is housed across multiple redundant servers in multiple redundant data centers. ShotBOT is smart enough to use the data center closest to your location. This provides the fastest possible sync times. It also protects against an entire data center going off-line. We have no single points of failure anywhere.