ShotBOT Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install ShotBOT on multiple devices?

Yes, you can install ShotBOT on multiple devices. For example, two different iPads. There is no limit on the number of devices. On the second device, just go to the AppStore and try to buy it again. The AppStore will automatically know that you have already purchased ShotBOT and allow you to install it on the new device. You will not be charged again.

Is there a version for the iPhone?

No. Currently, ShotBOT requires an iPad. Our research has shown that the iPhone screen size is just to small to be really useful for the large amount of data entered. With the release of the iPhone 6 Plus, we are researching whether or not it's screen is big enough to be useful. If you really want an iPhone version, please let us know!

Why is the app not $0.99?

We have tried to balance the amount of R&D with the relatively small market for an app like this. The total number of possible customers for a vertical market app like this is very small. We are not going to sell hundreds of thousands of apps. We have also done a ton of very complex engineering and testing for ShotBOT. We have used this app internally ourselves on hundreds of shoots. It is designed for professionals in the production business where the advantages ShotBOT brings, far out weigh the cost of the app. We also made most of the advanced features of ShotBOT available as in-app purchases. This way, you are only paying for features you actually need.

Can I see what the VFX Production Report looks like?

Yes, you can see a sample report by clicking here. ShotBOT supports importing a logo and entering a contact/company block for the cover page. You can also enter a custom page header that is printed at the top of each page.

Can ShotBOT save frame grabs from the camera?

Yes, but it requires two additional purchases. ShotBOT supports the Teradek Cube 155 wifi video encoder. This box takes an HD-SDI feed from the camera or video assist, does realtime video encoding, and transmits the video over Wifi. ShotBOT can then display a live video feed from the camera, wirelessly. You can then grab frames and save them with the scene. So not only do you get your own wireless monitor, but also save frames. This feature requires a Teradek Cube encoder as well as the Teradek option available as an in-app purchase.

Is there a way to try this Teradek Cube feature before buying it?

Yes, we have several rental units. They are also available to rent from most major rental companies. The Teradek Cube is an investment, but it is well worth the money.

Does ShotBOT support multi-camera shoots?

Yes. You can have an unlimited amount of cameras. When you create a new job in ShotBOT, you can define the number of cameras as well as what type of camera, the camera identifier (A camera, B camera, etc), default ISO and default shutter angle. These defaults are automatically entered when you create a new scene. You can also just create another camera entry for any scene.

Is there a way to group a selection of scenes together?

Yes. ShotBOT allows you to create custom "tags" and assign any number of scenes to a tag. A scene can belong to multiple tags. This allows you to group scenes together by tag. For example, show me all the scenes that need 3D tracking.

How fast is it to enter data on set?

Super fast. We put a lot of effort into making sure the process of entering data on set is really fast. ShotBOT has fully customizable "presets". For most of the fields, you can select from a list of presets for commonly used entries. The app comes with a fairly complete set of commonly used preset values which you can completely customize to your needs.

Can you select multiple presets?

Yes, for fields that can accept multiple values. For example, the T-Stop field supports splits. (i.e 4.0/5.6 split) Just select multiple options and ShotBot will handle the rest. Camera filters is another field which supports multiple entries. (i.e. IR, ND9, Pola)

How can I import storyboard frames for reference?

ShotBOT can import any image that is in the iPad photo library or in Dropbox. A lot of people just email the files to themselves and save them into the photo library on the iPad or use Dropbox. Then import the pictures into ShotBOT.

Is my data safe from hackers?

Yes, all the data is encrypted in the datafile on the device. If you purchased the ShotBOT Cloud option, all communication with our servers are encrypted as well as all your data on our servers. Even we can't see your data.

What is the Auto Camera Copy Info preference setting for?

This feature, which can be turned on or off, speeds up data entry. When this feature is turned on, ShotBOT will always assume the values at the start of the shot are the same as at the end of the shot. So if you enter in 6' for the starting camera height, it will automatically copy that data into the ending camera height field. Of course you can override this during data entry. This feature works on the following camera fields, MM Start, MM End, Height Start, Height End, Tilt Start, Tilt End, Focus Start, Focus End. It is also smart enough to know that if you select a prime lens, then the starting and ending MM will be the same and auto enter the values.

What is the Auto Add Metrics preference setting for?

When this feature is turned on, you can just enter the numbers for MM Start and MM End. ShotBOT will automatically add the "mm" after your numbers.

What is the Disable Left Swipe preference setting for?

When this preference is OFF, it turns on a global feature that allows you to swipe from the far left of the screen inward to show the side menu. This feature is helpful if you find yourself needing to access the side menu a lot.

Is there in-app help?

Yes, on every screen of the app, there is a Help button. Just tap it and you will get contextual help. 

How do I backup by data?

For professional use, we highly recommend using our ShotBOT Cloud service. Our cloud service backs up your data as you are entering it. So when the grip truck runs over your iPad, all your data is safe!  In addition to providing robust backup services, it also provides a complete syncing solution between multiple devices. Shooting out in the bush, no problem ShotBOT will sync when you get cell service or WiFi.

Is there a Mac desktop version of ShotBOT?

Not yet, but it is coming soon. A desktop version is in the works but not ready for release yet. And yes, the desktop version will sync with the iPad version. The workflow that we really like is using the iPad version on set where portability is a must, then sync your data to the desktop version after the shoot to clean up your data, add additional information, etc. 

Can I reset all my presets to the factory defaults?

Yes. In the preferences screen, there is a button titled "Reset Default Presets". This will delete all your presets and install the factory default ones.

Is there an easy way to delete all my data and start with a clean empty datafile?

Yes, In the preferences screen, there is a button titled "Reset Database". This will delete all your data and start with a clean empty datafile. Caution, this operation is not un-doable.

How do I report a bug or make a feature request?

Great question! We want to hear your feedback. Good or bad. In the ShotBOT main left side menu, there is an option to "Send Feedback". This will allow you to email us to report any bugs, ask questions, or suggest new feature you would like to see. Or you can submit feedback via this web site on our Contact Us page.

Can I make drawings for lighting reference?

Yes, as of version 1.5, ShotBOT contains a complete drawing and annotation tool. You can draw/annotate on top of existing pictures or create a reference drawing. This is very helpful for lighting diagrams and notes for the artists.

Does ShotBOT support exporting in the VES format?

Not yet, but we are working on it. We hope to release an update later this year. This update will also add a bunch of features to better support long format production needs.

Can ShotBOT export to Shotgun?

Not yet, but we are working on it. This is a heavy requested feature.